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What is MxM The Entrepreneur Movement?

We believe that every person can build the life of their dreams, and in this day and age, that is with online skillsets. Which is why we are expanding community of entrepreneurs all over the world. This a movement of people who want more, have the access to information and support one another along the way. With an intensive student roadmap and the education to guide you along the way, this is easily the most tested path to create success that there is anywhere.


- Interactive videos for an optimized start to success, delivered by professionals in trading, cryptocurrencies and marketing.

- Daily LIVE mentorship on different markets and strategies


- Strong community

- Active all the time

- Spirit of appreciation and support system.

- Personalized and group coaching and accountability.


- Our goal, trade, travel, transform. 

- Training and activity abroad at least once a year.

- Team camaraderie, bonuses, challenges, gifts...

   EVENTS  :


- Regional, national and international events.

- Acquisition of leadership.


- Build and develop a strong business network.

Student Success Stories

Why Should You Partner With Us?

Being that we are officially partnered with the largest financial education platform online. We have helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world learn more about the Forex market, the Crypto-currency market and everything in it, including NFT's, DeFi and The Metaverse. IM is the go to place for all things online and financial education. It is a company with more than 8 years of experience and doing more than 400 million in annual revenue in this industry and offers a range of different services: expert advice, academies, live mentorship, market analysis tools etc.

Our 2021 Leadership Retreat

Every year we take our chairman leaders on an all expense paid trip to celebrate consistency, grow our leadership skills and have a world class experience. Want to go? Join the movement, put in the time and effort to go Chairman!

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