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  • How can I join the team?
    - To register, you must contact the person who invited you to visit our site. In case no one told you about this personally, feel free to send an email to
  • I already have a job...
    Thank God! So many people out there don't, so that means you have the means to start this side hustle. What’s great about our company is that you can keep the comfort and stability of your current job while getting started on a part-time basis. In fact, our part-time opportunity is designed around someone with a 9-5 schedule. That is of course until you're making more money with us and at that point, you're going to have options
  • If it were that easy, everyone would do it."
    When you start your business and start making money after a year, I think you’ll be very happy. The only thing is that people aren’t patient, it’s not easy, you just have to be constant in your evolution. Not everyone is an entrepreneur, yet they are the ones who hold the most wealth with investors: doing what the majority do not want to do to change their results.
  • Why do I have to pay to make money?
    - All over the world, creating your own business costs money, most of the time anywhere from $50k to $150k. By joining our programand creating your business in the network marketing industry costs absolutely nothing compared to traditional companies.
  • I can trade for free, why take your training?"
    Listen, I tried that myself. Did the whole youtube university thing and this is what I learned: 90% of people who trade without training lose 90% of their money in 90 days. I was one of those people until I got started in this platform and took it serious. If you want to be part of the profitable 10%, you need training, in all areas. Mentally, spiritually and technically with the skillsets. You have to have training before you have the skills to handle the ever so changing markets. The trading platform is just an intermediary between your knowledge and the financial markets. If you trade alone without guidance or direction, you’ll just lose your money and it's a unneccessarily difficult route.
  • I don’t have time for this kind of business, it takes too long..."
    I know how you feel, but when I first checked in my settings and saw how much time I was spending on my phone per day and yet wasn't making any money. I knew things needed to change. Most people have time to go on Netflix and play Fortnite but not for their success? How much time do you spend on your phone? X time per week. You need 1-2hrs a day and you can really achieve great things. One trade idea can be copied in less than a minute. In addition, this activity allows you to optimize your break time, lunch time and trips.
  • This sounds complicated, it’s not for me. I don’t think I can do it."
    - I started with the same thoughts and knowledge as you and yet today I have acquired the necessary skills. We are +250,000 members, a group of entrepreneurs has grown from 0 to more than 250,000 members. If I did, you can do it. Not to mention tools that simplify trading, live training, videos, files, a Dropbox link.
  • I don’t have any experience in this area.
    I'm glad you brought that up. Many of our most successful members and leaders come from various different work backgrounds with no prior entrepreneur or financial market experiences. In addition, we offer a fantastic world-class training program that will more than prepare you to be successful in our business. Just like you didn’t have driving experience before your license, like the first time you wanted to walk or ride a bike. Every time you start something new, whatever it is, you don’t have experience and yet do it anyways because the reward is much greater than the risk.
  • Is this legal? Is this a "ponzi" or "pyramid" scheme?"
    I'm so glad you asked that and we are on the same page about not wanting to be a part of something like that, so that’s a legitimate question. Do you know what the definition of a pyramid scheme is? If not, let me explain... A pyramid scheme (pyramid scam) is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying a sale of products or services. (This is the dictionary definition) A pyramid scheme is when you promise money without any exchange for product. MxM and IM does not promise payments or services for enrolling others into the program. You GET a full online academy that teaches you how to be a successful trader with tools and apps to help you grow your money while you learn in return for your payment subscription. It is a service. However, once you start to profit you will get excited and most likely tell your friends/or strangers. If you do tell your friends and they want to join, IM rewards you for referring them and adding to company. Just like Tesla, Uber, and Cashapp does. It’s just like going to the movies - you may love a movie and tell your friends about how great the movie was and in result they go see the movie. This increases movie sales. YOU are advertising for that movie but you aren’t being rewarded. In a traditional job you will never make more than your boss. In this company, you control your raise. You control your schedule. You control your time. You control your income.
  • Do I get taxed on my earnings?
    Of course you do! Afterall this is a legitimate business. You will recieve a 1099 form for the residual income you earn, if you're based in the U.S. before the tax year of that year. As for trading, every state and country is different but you will be able to take your trading statement to your CPA at the end of you to declare your earnings. The good news is, that because you are running your own online business along comes with it is the tax benefits that business owner's experience. Such as writing off (getting more money back) things like entertainment, meals, electronics, your phone bill, internet service, haircuts and much, much more!
  • How long does the training last?
    How much time do you have to give to your business? I would suggest that every day you will educate yourself, but you can start earning money from the first / second month depending on your starting trading account size. Once you start your training, you will always want more. I've been training for 4 years long and I'm still paying my subscription, because it adds value to my life. I enjoy it: supportive community, constant learning, and income generated.
  • How long will it take to get a profit from the subscription?
    It all depends on you, on the actions you do. Is your vision to educate yourself and evolve? Each student has their own income goal! The question is, do you want to be the excellent or the average student?
  • I'll need more information before getting started...
    Who are you going to get information from? As of today, you are listening to people who have the results you want to have, in the field where you CAN be successful. Often people will get information from people who have no knowledge in the field. If you want to learn more about an area, ask your questions to someone who has expertise in the area.
  • Trading is gambling, and I heard people lose money..."
    You're right, trading without formal education is gambling. However, with guidance and education, trading is far from being a coincidence. Today we have powerful indicators to forecast market changes based on probabilities, there are also links between market movements and the world around us, and this we also know how to interpret them. All thanks to the learning given by the company. If people make a living from it, it is far from accidental. - Yes, I agree with you, some people lose money, but the question to ask you is why? Because trading is not by chance, you have to have certain skills, which is why there are trading schools in around the world, unlike the casino which is risky. You do know that banks trade with your money, and have you ever asked yourself, how come they get richer and richer? Because they recruit traders with the best knowledge and therefore results in the field come with it.
  • I've heard that it takes a lot of money to ACTUALLY make money in trading
    That used to be correct, but due to the internet a lot has changed. Also, who are you listening to? The person who told you that, did he/she have any results in the field? Of course, we don't tell you that with a little capital you will make millions, but the objective here is to generate additional income, wouldn't you be happy to have even just $200-300 more per month from your phone? We have a lot of people, in our organization who have been able to show that with a small amount of capital, they were able to switch from a 3-figure account to 4-figure account within the first few months.
  • What do the trainings consist of?
    You will have access to the MxM Member's Area inside this website, in addition to the quizzes available at the end of each video inside IM Academy to see if you have really understood the lessons, the GoLives and their reruns available at the end of the live and access to all this in several languages ​​of course.
  • I'm not in the U.S, can I still join? Can I join and refer peopel from other countries?"
    Yes, we are open for business in more than 160 countries around the world.
  • Do we earn more with trading or network marketing?
    That's 100% up to you. It all depends on how much effort you put into one or the other. A word of advice, go all-out in both, and you'll see for yourself which one you like the most and which one you find the most purpose with.
  • What are the past results of the company?
    IM Mastery Academy has done over 400 million in sales in the last year, has over 209,000 students across 50+ different countries. The only way we grow is via word of mouth, so I think it's safe to say that we we're doing works. You just have to put in the work.
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