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 Our Softwares and Services Give You A Profitable Edge

SwipeCoin, GoldCup, HFX Swipes :

Save time and money, that’s the purpose of these applications. Our experts do the research and analysis, and you decide if you want to act with the information.

FRX, HfX & DCX Academy : Gain education and master the skills needed to trade in the foreign exchange market and also in cryptocurrency. These academies teach you how to compose and multiply your money from anywhere in the world.

Go Live : Through live sessions, this service will allow you to have theoretical and practical experience in the currency market. This service adjusts to your already busy schedule by offering rebroadcasts.

Harmonic Scanner : Harmonic patterns in the forex market help you identify potential reversals in the market, giving you a powerful insight and analysis of winning opportunities.


SwipeCoin Scalper : An algorithm that puts you in the right place at the right time with hundreds of crypto-market opportunities to help you find your piece of the pie.

Steady : This algorithm looks for long term, swing opportunities that you will be able to define and forget.

Vibrata : This tool provides multiple strategies that look for trading ideas for you, no analysis needed on your side.

Levels : An algorithm that identifies entry points, stops loss and takes profits at specific levels in the markets.

Pivots : This algorithm makes it possible to predict market opportunities by identifying key investment areas over many periods.

Bounceback : This tool searches and identifies the best entry points for you to enter the markets.


The MXM member area

The Basics

The key to starting your learning in the best way! Follow this valuable advice given to you, step by step.

In this section, you will find the schedule of the week, as well as all the videoconferences



A series of recorded trainings to help you better understand the financial markets, the world of cryptocurrency and your financial future

Connect to all events, meetings of the MXM movement across Europe through this section. Dates, speakers and times will be posted.



No matter where you are at the time of live trading, you will be able to find all the reruns in this section. At MXM, everything is simplified for your success

Downloadable files to give you all the cards to get started and progress in the best conditions



Turnkey methods to aid

in your entrepreneurial evolution.

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